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Check out the film by Low Key Studio’s Christoph Benfey & CreateMedia, it came in 2nd place in the Hamilton 24!! It was conceived, written, cast, shot, edited and submitted within 24 hours! Imagine what they could do with 25 hours!

Christoph Benfey

It has been a crazy few weeks since my last post, and between moving in to our new place and shooting, Katie and I have had our hands full! The best thing to do is probably work back from the more recent events, starting with The Hamilton 24 that happened this past weekend.

The Hamilton 24 started out as a 24 hour film festival, but quickly evolved into an entire arts festival…too quickly in fact! Originally, the purpose of the event was to give filmmakers several criteria for a film, and then give them 24 hours to conceive, write, shoot, edit and submit a 5-minute film. Over the years they added more elements to the festival and the screening turned into a week-long display of film, fashion, food, music, dance and many other forms of expression that had to be designed or conceived within a 24 hour period.

In 2011…

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The Instagram Gallery at Low Key Studio (IG photo by @vikpiccreative)

Our first ever Instagram Gallery took place at Low Key Studio & Gallery on Saturday night, featuring almost 200 Instagram photos submitted by over 20 local iPhoneographers. We all gathered together to enjoy iPhoneography, purchase prints, drink, eat, and see old friends and make new ones. DJ Adverb (@djadverb) kept things going until the wee hours of the morning, encouraging us to bust a move as we treated ourselves to an amazing dessert table by Anela Dujsic (@anelanutella).

Anela really outdid herself with these incredible square Instagram cupcakes – some with the IG camera logo and others with edible Instagram prints! It was so cool to take a bite out of our own photo on a red velvet, chocolate or vanilla cupcake. To top it all off, there were square cake pops (red velvet and chocolate) complete with IG symbols – hashtags, hearts and stars. This dessert table was the icing on the cake!

Instagram photo by @anelanutella

We had the best time creating a tangible, real-life gallery based on the app we know and love. It was so cool to bring people out and make new friends, thanks to the Instagram community. Every single iPhoneographer had something different and special to contribute – their own unique style and perspective of the world – and we couldn’t have done this without each and every one of you!

@_heartandsoul_  @michaelpett  @linda_db  @sumsumdarkside  @markandrewbone  @rorbo  @carolyndawnn  @fiveironflutterby  @kbenfey  @larissabenfey  @instanedical  @shannon_stone  @smb4yall  @djadverb  @vikpiccreative  @mathewwl  @talricci  @poormansparis  @jasonramsay  @vanillachrist  @dimples89  @regmedia  @duaflex  @lovingliving

We are pleased as punch to announce the winners of the following:

1. People’s Choice (Photo): @markandrewbone

There’s no denying that you all loved this shot. It received the most “likes” (heart stickers distributed by you) in the gallery. Photographed in Mexico, these Canadian butterflies make the long migration every year.


2. People’s Choice (iPhoneographer): @markandrewbone

For this winner, we added up each iPhoneographer’s total “likes” on all photos. Even with only 3 photos submitted, @markandrewbone was the resounding winner. Here are his two other photos:



3. Low Key Studio’s Choice: @vikpiccreative

We love the Instagram style of @vikpiccreative and the moments he captures. His photos have a consistent look that not only make his photos easy to recognize, but easy to love, too. Here are some of our favourites:




4. Best #HamOnt Photo: @linda_db

@linda_db is a true Hamilton lover. She shares at least one Instagram photo a day from her walks around the city, and every single photo she submitted to the Instagram Gallery features #HamOnt. There were so many great #HamOnt photos from all of our fellow Hamiltonians, but we couldn’t even pick just one of @linda_db’s! Here are a few:




Congrats everyone! We’ll be contacting you so you can claim your prizes – iTunes Gift Cards! They just seemed so fitting.

This round of the Low Key
 Photo Booth was our busiest yet. We know you love it, because you took almost 600 photos throughout the night! To make it easy for you to check them all out, we made a video!

Check out Low Key Studio & Gallery on Facebook (don’t forget to like us!) to see the photos and join the conversation – and you can save your favourites.

Finally, in the spirit of Instagram, here are some IG shots that our guests shared from the night. Stay tuned for the next Low Key Instagram Gallery. This was the first of many!

Instagram photo by @sumsumdarkside

Instagram photo by @michaelpett

Instagram photo by @vikpiccreative

Additional thanks go out to Kayla Benfey & Larissa Benfey for all your help 🙂

❤ Katie

Katie & Christoph